No pain no gain


Lonesome Dove

This  clients first and possibly only tattoo will be a lonesome dove/memorial back piece..  For me, portraits always mean a fun day of tattooing.  This is the first of 3 portraits that we will be tatttooing.  Tommy Lee Jones, followed by Robert Duval and a portrait of my clients father as one of the cowboys in the movie.  Typically I don’t like to alter portrait photos for tattoos.  Any time you alter the photo and stray from realism you run the risk of making a really weird looking tattoo… but I think I have found a solution for this particular tattoo and I’m really looking forward to working on the next piece.



Here is a recent picture of the heirloom vegetable sleeve that I’ve been working on.  I love doing tattoos like this.  I think vegetables are all too often overlooked when thinking about tattoo designs.  Vegetables can be endlessly colorful and detailed and this tattoo has really given me an opportunity to geek out on color.  One of the most fun projects that I’ve done in a while.


Quite a lot going on here for me in the past week.   I have been busy wrapping things up here and preparing for my transition to Memorial Tattoo in Cabbage town.  I have also had a lot of drawing to do for my appointments next week in NY.  I’ll be visiting my friends at south shore tattoo in amityville, as well as sacred tattoo in manhattan.  Today was a fun last day in Atl before my trip to NY.  I have a lot of photos to upload.  Check the portfolio in coming weeks.  Here is a pic of the mother nature tattoo completed on Gary yesterday.