Summer agenda


Summer is here and it is time to regroup.   July is typically a slow month for tattooing.  Everyone is on vacation or on the lake.  Meanwhile I am working on tieing loose ends for projects old and new.  I finally printed a new portfolio with 4 years of "new" work.  It's hard to believe its been that long since I have updated my book.  I have t shirt and sticker designs ready to print and a few custom rings ready to cast. Rings will be available rarely as they take some time to make and I really only do it as a hobby.  

With all of this going on I am working hard to make time for myself.  I have worked long days and nights without break for most of my career.  Recently I have been sticking to actual store closing hours and not working late.  I have been taking 5 minute stretches hourly.  Drinking more water, less coffee and generally taking better care of myself.  One day soon maybe I will quit working on my days off... Baby steps