So today was a good day. I’ll begging by mentioning that my client Alex has a terminal illness. She was kind enough to let me tell some of her story here on my blog. Today was a good day because she was well enough to come in and get another tattoo. I am honored that she would spend any of her precious time getting tattooed by me. I have been tattooing her for a while now. I visited her in hospice. Every time I see her she is positive and seemingly fearless. Every time we tattoo I gain new perspective. I feel the affects for days. It takes a while to sink in. Today she got buddy tattoos with one of her best friends. They talked about the end. I felt like a fly on the wall.. An intruder or eavesdropper. She still has a long list of tattoos we need to get done ASAP. With every appointment it becomes more real and more clear that we are running out of time. So are we all. There is no guarantee of tomorrow for any of us. I don’t really know where I am going with this. I am just processing a heavy and humbling day. Anyway. Here are some pictures of a positive, fierce and funny girl. Full of life. Getting buddy tattoos with her friend like any other 20 year old would do. Go hug your parents or tell your loved ones some important things that they probably would love to hear.