I grew up on an island and have always had a fascination with the seemingly endless sea that surrounded us. Inspiration for this ring starts there.

I bought a handful of pirate era coins from a private collector. Some of these coins date as far back as 1622. This ring is a custom one off. I sculpted and cast a sterling setting that would hold one of the smaller copper coins. I wanted this piece to have the look of barnacles to compliment the age and roughness of a coin brought up from the depths. A castle is still visible on the coin face. Two crosses carved on each side of the band meet on the bottom. I hammered the entire ring by hand before giving it a patina finish. I think this ring has stories to tell. It may be that a man lost his life on the toss of this coin. Could this coin have been partial payment for passage on a ship fated to wreck on distant shores? This is an adventurers ring.